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Theatre of the Mind has to have voices in the dark...

This is simply a thank you to all of the men and women who have offered their time and talent to the lost but never forgotten art of radio drama.

**Bret Jones--co-founder of the Ancient Radio Players. Bret writes, directs, and performs in the radio plays for the ARP. Bret is the  Program Director of Theatre at Wichita State University, KS.
**Shawn Martin--co-founder, as well as one of the original & current members of the ARP. Shawn is active with The Cross Timbers Theatre group and is a major collector. 

**Rick Sanders--one of the original & current members of the ARP. Rick is a high school science teacher at Latta, OK.

**Kevin Worden---Kevin is an East Central University graduate who also directs for Cross Timbers Theatre Company, Ada, OK.
**Shan Scroggins--Shan is a graduate of East Central University and performed plays with Bret and Shawn.  He spent some time in California, but has now relocated back in Ada, OK.

**Kassie Ingle--Kassie is a former student of Bret's and has been active w/ ARP for a few years.
**Catie Caton--Catie is a graduate of East Central University and works at the university.  She's been in ARP for a few years.
**Johnothan Bomboy--an ECU student who has jumped on board to provide songs and music.